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Category Archives: Patents

This American Life Inaccurate on Historical Patents

This American Life had a great episode about patents this last weekend. It is well worth the listen, and makes several very good criticisms of patent trolls.However, I think that TAL missed a few broader issues about patents. First off, the story about Eli Whitney needing patents in order to successfully commercialize his business is […]

Pharma Patents: Some Interesting Numbers

Whenever people discuss the necessity of patents for the health of businesses, the most relied upon example of an industry that “requires” patents is the pharmaceutical industry. However, lots of research has been done to demonstrate that patents are not only as fundamentally necessary to pharma as most people think, but that the patent system […]

Some Interesting Patent Statistics from 2012 via StrutPatent

StrutPatent has some really great patent statistics. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting numbers from 2012: The top 10 companies receiving patents were all tech companies, and they received a total of 27,930 patents, or almost exactly 10% of all patents granted.  The individual with most patents granted in 2012 is […]

Planet Money on Fashion and IP

Today, Planet Money discussed how they came up with the color for their new t-shirt. It is the latest in a (very) long running series on the Planet Money T-shirt project, which is very interesting. More can be read about the project here. While they have dug deep and delivered insights on many fascinating issues, such […]