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Category Archives: Password Security

Password Security: When the Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

Tl;dr When a third party asks for information that allows them to reset your passwords for other services, you should be very wary. Technology Review has an interesting story about a potential security hole in gmail. Basically, it works like this: 1. Hacker site offers a user a discount/teaser/whatever and asks them to enter their […]

Last One on Apple Passwords… For Now

In previous posts, I have complained, at length, about Apple’s new password policy. This weekend, the first time I wanted to use my new Apple password, after nine attempts, I discovered I could not remember it. Then I went back to my security questions, and, once again, on my first attempt, I got one wrong. […]

Apple Doubles Down on Bad Password Policy

A coworker had her iPhone stolen this morning, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to update my “Find my Phone” settings. In the process, I wanted to create a new, more secure password for my Apple account. I don’t know if it was the fact it was first thing in the morning, […]