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Category Archives: Fair Use

GoldieBlox Sues Beastie Boys for Declaratory Judgment of Non-Infringement

Earlier this week, a new product out on Kickstarter called GoldieBlox – a toy aimed at engaging young girls in engineering – made a pretty brilliant music video as an advertisement. The video features a parody of the song “Girls” by the Beastie Boys: As reported by TechDirt: The whole point is to mock the […]

Artist Suing Jay-z Over Sample – I Hope it Goes to Trial

The long-short of it is that some artist is suing Jay-z over a sample included in Blueprint III. The details are almost irrelevant, because I cannot fathom how this falls outside of the scope of fair use. From what I’ve seen, and correct me if I’m wrong, the only reason people get away with suing in nonsense […]

Planet Money on Fashion and IP

Today, Planet Money discussed how they came up with the color for their new t-shirt. It is the latest in a (very) long running series on the Planet Money T-shirt project, which is very interesting. More can be read about the project here. While they have dug deep and delivered insights on many fascinating issues, such […]

Fair Use, Gotye and Star Wars

FYI, this is a repost of a post I wrote on my company blog.Back in August of 2011, my girlfriend sent me a link to a charming music video that had just dropped.   Within the next year, this video received several hundred million views, and propelled two young artists — Gotye and Kimbra — to international fame. Clearly, […]