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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Permissive Licenses and Richard Stallman’s Blindspot on the Rails Community

Recently, I had to go through a very, very difficult contract negotiation that hinged largely upon the inclusion of open source software in client deliverables. Suffice it to say, that at this point, I’m fairly convinced that L/GPL licensed software simply cannot be included in software deliverables if the client intends to a) distribute that […]

Legalese or Plain English? Either Way, TechCrunch has it Wrong

There was a post today on TechCrunch about a VC that uses a plain english term sheet, as if this were some earth-shattering innovation. Well, first, it isn’t, and, secondly, TechCrunch seems to really miss the larger point: This term sheet is a summary of a larger, totally standard contract. In other words, the whole goal […]

Open Source Licenses: When to Use Permissive v. Copyleft

If you work in any industry that heavily relies on software (read: all of them) you will eventually run into open source licenses. So let’s take a look at a broad and growing divide between the two main types of open source licenses – copyleft v. permissive. Spoiler: if you are going to be including […]

Followup on Console Gaming

I recently posted about how a Wired opinion piece seemed to really miss the boat on console gaming. Well, apparently, Sony agrees: Kaz Hirai says the PS4 is ‘first and foremost’ a game console, more features to be revealed. “The most important thing we need to do is agree and understand that the PS4 is a […]

NSA and Your Digital Life

Right now the internet is on fire with the news that the NSA, through a project called PRISM, apparently has been tapping into a whole bunch of very large internet services for the better part of a decade. I just wanted to note that we are going to have to wait a few days to […]

This American Life Inaccurate on Historical Patents

This American Life had a great episode about patents this last weekend. It is well worth the listen, and makes several very good criticisms of patent trolls.However, I think that TAL missed a few broader issues about patents. First off, the story about Eli Whitney needing patents in order to successfully commercialize his business is […]