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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Some Suggestions For the Times

If it seems like I am critical of the NYtimes, please note that this is because I bear deep affection for that organization, and hope for the best. I know that the entire newspaper industry is in crisis, and I’d rather see venerated and important organizations like the NYTimes make the transition to the digital […]

Uncritical Reporting of Thiel Fellowships in NYTimes

Update: This post was put on Techdirt as of 9.20.12. Yesterday, the New York Times had a headline article about Thiel Fellowships.The program is very interesting, and I was hoping to garner some insight into its success.However, I was left severely disappointed at the lack of any critical examination of the program, which is still quite controversial. The […]

Why Should Red Shoe Soles be Trademarkable?

A recent decision came down, wherein Louboutin was allowed to keep its trademark on red soled shoes. I think this is a very poor decision, and misunderstands the basic point of trademark law. Copyright law and patent law (whether or not you agree with their efficacy, overall) are at least explicitly designed to protect creators […]

Fair Use, Gotye and Star Wars

FYI, this is a repost of a post I wrote on my company blog.Back in August of 2011, my girlfriend sent me a link to a charming music video that had just dropped.   Within the next year, this video received several hundred million views, and propelled two young artists — Gotye and Kimbra — to international fame. Clearly, […]